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Confidence and Self Esteem Coaching and Therapy – Brighton & Hove

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Confidence and Self Esteem Boosting Therapy and Coaching sessions available online or at my Brighton and Hove office. If you would like a first consultation or have any questions then please contact me here.

Boosting, building and raising your self-esteem and confidence levels with help from therapy and coaching can literally change your world in ways you might not yet be able to imagine. The only thing that might be standing in your way is a mindset which with some help can change into something more dynamic.


Confidence and self-esteem issues can be the result of a struggling, overstrained or injured Limbic System. This is the part of the brain which is known as your emotional and survival center and if it’s struggling then the chemistry which makes you feel relaxed, well, confident and good about yourself is out of balance. This can make your brain focus too much on what is wrong with your life and blow it out of proportion. Negative thought patterns combined with feeling low and insecure can grow and reduce your quality of life.

Positive Thoughts?

Thinking your way out of this one with some positive thoughts won’t work, but a more successful approach is to help this part of the brain heal which in turn can help you feel more relaxed and confident again.

Rogue Brain Patterns

Sometimes a rogue brain pattern from the past can kick in and trigger a freeze, fight or flight response in the most inappropriate places. A commonplace for the brain to do this is when it comes to public speaking and meetings.  What can happen from a few bad meetings is the fear of fear which makes thinking of even going to the meeting feeling much more frightening than it is in reality.

Even the most confident people can fear freezing up there in front of their colleagues.

There are some fantastic tools to help take back control and reduce the freeze, fight or flight response to manageable levels and then down even further.  I would always recommend a public speaking course with this too as most people can develop their skills in this area even further.

Tough Life

Some people have had quite tough experiences which can give them a negative experience of themselves, this may be part of an injured Limbic System too.  Again there are some fantastic and effective tools to help the brain move on from the past and focus on their strengths and values for a different view of themselves and their future.

“Why have I not learned this before?” I keep being asked!

Mind Management Skills can help you:

  • Reduce self-consciousness which makes you feel nervous
  • Feel more relaxed in groups and in public
  • Communicate better
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Handle relationships in healthier ways
  • With Public Speaking
  • Change how you view success, failure, and rejection
  • Move forward in your career if you wish to
  • Feel more resilient and stronger when it comes to handling life
Please also check out my blog for articles in this area.

If your issue is not listed above please contact me to discuss how I can help you.  Paul Sheppard – Mindset – Brighton & Hove