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I offer online Therapy and Life Coaching sessions using Zoom.

These live chat sessions are very popular especially with people who cannot get to me in person or prefer their session to be online. The life-changing strategies and techniques can be taught in an online session very easily.  A big part of my client base is online and the feedback has been wonderful.

If you would like to explore working with me online then please contact me Paul Sheppard and I am based in Brighton and Hove.

Depression Therapy and Coaching sessions are available online or in person at my Brighton and Hove Office.  If you would like a first consultation or ask any questions, please contact me here.

What is depression?Depression is not a state of mind which you can think your way out of with a sprinkling of positive thinking and by “snapping out of it.”

One of the most important steps you can take with depression is to get help. Depression is a liar and will try and isolate you as much as possible from getting support to get through it.

Whether it’s online or here in my office in Hove, my depression therapy and coaching program treat depression for what it actually is and not a state of mind.  The physical neurological changes in the brain of depression cause The Limbic System (survival and emotional center of the brain) to struggle. This means that the chemistry and system which helps you feel motivated, happier, confident and relaxed are strained. This makes people feel low, tired and negative and life feels much harder to deal with than it actually needs to be.

Depression doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t just happen to “weak” people which is a perception often fuelled by the media. Thankfully there are plenty of people ” coming out the closet” and admitting they struggle with their mental health.

Anti-depressants are often not enough to treat the injury of depression but combined with therapy can give the sufferer a better chance of getting through it.

My program is all about taking the pressure off the Limbic System so it has a chance to heal and move back into balance.

Taking the pressure off the Limbic System to heal depression can be done through:

  • Teaching you physical strategies
  • Mind management tools
  • Exploring your version of reality to find and change anything that is no longer working for you
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Supplements
  • Medication

If you live in Brighton & Hove or nearby then contact me for details on my Depression Programme designed to help you through this period of your life.  If you live further away then Zoom sessions are a great way to work together to help you make those steps forward to change the way you feel.

Depression has many symptoms and can include:

  • Feeling tired, exhausted and lacking in energy
  • Lacking in concentration and focus
  • Losing interest in normal activities, hobbies, and everyday life
  • Losing interest in things you normally really enjoy
  • Difficulty sleeping or waking up early
  • Finding it hard to get out of bed to face the world
  • Anxious, tense or nervous
  • Balance in food changing maybe overeating for comfort or losing interest in food
  • Losing self-confidence
  • Feeling guilty
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Avoiding situations or people
  • Thinking about suicide – this is very common and if you feel this way then talking to someone about it will help you.

Call me for help with Depression in Brighton & Hove

Help is available from many different sources and it is always advised to see help from your Doctor if you feel you may be suffering from depression.

See the abuseanxiety and phobia pages for more information on anxiety related issues.

Contact me to discuss options available for treating depression in Brighton & Hove or on Zoom for sessions online.  Paul Sheppard – Mindset – Brighton & Hove